Abadi vows to build a solid military institution

0201 2016
Defense minister pledged, Khalid al-Obeidi, building a solid military institution capable of confronting terrorism and crushed, stressing that Iraq will achieve a victory on the enemies of the homeland and Islam.

Obeidi said in a press statement: «Statement of 2015 over all his victories and joys, of the liberalization of Iraqi territory from terrorists, as well as witnessed the loss of the brave sons of the homeland have made what they most have».

The Minister of Defence «the new year overlooking Iraq and waiting for more hard work, to achieve new victories on the enemies of the homeland and Islam, vigorously those who care about their children, mused that crowned the new year to build a solid military institution».

Obeidi said: The «military institution to be built, it should resemble« banner Iraq »that running by everyone and appeal for help, regardless of their religious, ethnic or sectarian Lawynhm, Army Like Home protect and defend all Iraqis, and the worldwide victory apron on Daash and chase all those who raise arms outside the framework of the law and the Constitution of the tails of the terrorists and Aldoaash or imitate them. "

The defense minister, has pledged to «expulsion and crush all members Daash during the current year 2016 of all areas of their presence in the country,» pointing out that «the army has achievements» and on the role of the popular crowd and the Peshmerga, al-Obeidi said he «has been pushing the senior officers in the crowd clan to train elements and rehabilitation »adding that« the shortfall ground forces led to the use of the popular crowd »adding« providing camps and the headquarters of the training of the popular crowd »He added the defense minister said« Peshmerga forces will play a major role in future military operations to restore the city of Mosul »pointing out that« this Forces are part of the Iraqi army. »

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