Iraq in 2015 .. economic and security bankruptcy and regain the initiative militarily

January 1, 2016

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi speaks duing a press conference with Turkey's Prime Minister (unseen) in Ankara on December 25, 2014.

Iraq has seen in 2015 on the important events in all respects, most notably the security, including the loss of Organizing "state" control the number of cities that impose control over them after the tenth of June last year events.

- Militarily

31 March / March past, Iraqi forces regained control of the city of Tikrit in Salahuddin province (160 km north of Baghdad), from the control of the "State" with the participation of about 30 thousand element of the security forces and the militia of the popular crowd.

On May 15 / May, and after days of lost city of Tikrit, launched the organization of "state" broad attack on the city of Ramadi, Anbar (province in western Iraq Center), resulted in the imposition of the full control of the city after the escape of all the pieces of the army, which existed within the city.

The combined forces, backed by thousands of fighters from the popular crowd in the 14 of October / October Edit Bbjee oil refinery, the largest refinery in Iraq, the largest refinery in the Middle East and the third, followed by the liberation of all neighborhoods of the city of Baiji.

In November 13, the Kurdish Peshmerga forces managed, and the attribution of pre-flight international coalition to regain control of the city of Sinjar, north of Mosul, and their control is also on the international road, which connects the Syrian Raqqa city of Mosul city, and is the most important supply lines to organize the "State".

December 27 / December Iraqi forces managed to regain control of the entire city of Ramadi, Anbar province, western Iraq.

- Political reforms Abadi

Iraq has seen great political developments, in 2015, most notably the abolition of some ministries, as well as reforms carried out by the Iraqi Prime Minister in response to the demands of the demonstrators, who came out mass demonstrations swept all the central and southern governorates of Iraq package.

In August / August, Haider al-Abadi decided to cancel the posts of Vice-President and Prime Minister immediately, and the opening of the previous and current corruption files, under the supervision of a supreme committee to combat corruption, made up of specialists, working principle Where did you get this, and to invite the judiciary to adopt a number of competent judges known the full integrity of the investigation and the prosecution of corrupt.

In September / September in Iraq announced the establishment of a military alliance quad security, including Iraq, Syria, Iran and Russia.

- Economically

Economic landscape no less complicated from the political scene in Iraq, and here can be referred to the most prominent features of the deterioration of the country's economy and the nature of the challenges facing the economic reform it.

The sharp and sustained fall in oil prices in global markets, the large fiscal deficit, and the growing differences between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the central government in Baghdad, about oil and disbursement of the salaries of the region, was one of the biggest economic challenges facing the government Abadi.

The economist said Caesar glorious Karbouli, in an interview to the correspondent of "Gulf Online": that "Iraq is going through a severe economic crisis is the most worse in its history; as a result of the sudden and rapid decline in oil prices, which has affected large about the Iraqi economy, and served as a bolt on Iraqis ".

Karbouli and predicted that "the Iraqi economy enters a deep recession at the beginning of next year phase; in the case of oil prices continuing to fall, and the failure of the Iraqi government in diversifying the sources of budget revenues on the one hand, and the pressure of government expenditures on the other hand, a private high costs to spend on the war waged by forces security against al Daash. "

- Sovereign

In the 29 of November broke into more than 500 thousand visitors Zurbatiyah Iranian port without a visa, after destroy them for doors and barriers within the border region, and broke into the crossing and assault by beating on the protection of the law in charge of the security forces.
December 3 / December entered three regiments of Turkish troops in full combat and equipment promised to Zlcan camp, on the outskirts of the city of Mosul in northern Iraq.

A spokesman for the Liberation of Nineveh forces then, Mahmoud Srougi, in a press statement: "The Turkish force is preparing to participate in the international coalition forces in the liberation of Mosul Daash control organization", he underlined that the signs are near to starting the process of liberalization of Mosul.

With the entry of Turkish troops fanned official and popular protests after the Iraqi government considered this a violation of the sovereignty of access, denying the request of Turkey military cooperation, which was confirmed by northern neighbor Iraq.

Omar al-Janabi