Parliamentary Legal: amnesty will be launched at the beginning of February and the Federal Court is disabled because of Kurds


Announced the Legal Committee in the House of Representatives by a sound Shawki, on Wednesday, said the general amnesty law completed all his readings and discussions and vote by the parliament at the beginning of next February, while pointed out that disabled the Federal Court Act for the Kurdistan Alliance.

Said Shawki's "Tomorrow's Press," "The amnesty law has completed all his readings and debates as well, and we are only waiting for the views of the political blocs on the provisions of the amnesty until the legal committee be assembled and then re-drafting of the law and vote for it," adding that "the issue of the resolution of the Amnesty Law It will be at the beginning of the next month of February. "

He continued, "The Federal Court Act also completed our readings of law and debates and views on it, and remained one issue pending a court meeting and vote in the court," noting that "the majority opinion says that the court meeting is two thirds and vote on decisions also the consensus of the two-thirds, but the side view Kurdish and wants an Court meeting also unanimously and unanimous vote. "

Shawky said that "blocs objected to the opinion of the Kurds and promised to disable the role of the court, Aftrhawwa opinion, another to be the voice of the President of the Court and his deputy within two-thirds, because one of the Vice-President will be the Kurds."

He pointed out that "this is also their opinion he did not find acceptable, but that it is still in dispute, but during the next legislative term will be to resolve all differences on the law," likely that "during which the vote on the amnesty laws and court."

He continued legal Allhnh member that "there are discussions about the Guard Law, but it's more complicated, and require a large political consensus."