Breaking News .. Coalition's aircrafts targets the senior leaders of ISIS princes according to Erbil information
Wednesday, 30
December 2015 12:05

Shafaq News / Security sources revealed that prominent leaders of ISIS organization were killed in an airstrike targeted by the international coalition in central Mosul.

The international coalition's aircrafts have destroyed earlier so-called Sharia Court of ISIS organization fully in Mosul city.

The sources told Shafaq News that a warplane has carried out promptly at ten in the morning an air raid in which a meeting of the leaders of the first row of ISIS and warlords was taking place in Nineveh provincial council building downtown which resulted in deaths and destruction of all large parts of the building.

The sources noted that the raid took place according to accurate information provided by the leadership of the international coalition in Erbil province since yesterday on the date of the meeting and the elements who will attend it which contributed to their success and inflict losses this organization.

The sky of Mosul city has witnessed during last night intense war atmosphere as the sound of explosions were heard on the outskirts of the city , it is likely air strikes targeting sites of ISIS organization.