Medhat al-Mahmoud going on a field visit to the Presidency of the resumption of Karkh court

​President of the Federal judiciary Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud on Monday conducted a field visit to the presidency of the Court of Appeal Baghdad / Karkh Federal, the head of a high judicial delegation included Messrs Prime judicial oversight body and the chief prosecutor and supervisor device on the media center for the judiciary and two general managers.

He met with Mahmoud During the visit, a number of judges and public prosecutors, lawyers and staff both individually and listened to their views about the development of the judicial work.

"The Iraqi judiciary subjected to attack intended to harm the reputation of the institution that has maintained its independence", referring to "what in the words of one Swiss researchers who confirmed that the attack in a report published in the media last week."

Mahmoud, said he "did not register on the Iraqi judiciary for the last time any index on corruption, and the judicial authority of the Federal publish final accounts League and about early on its website."

He pointed out that "The federal judiciary is committed to the project, which has already been submitted to the Council of the Special Minister reduction of judges and public prosecutors' salaries," stressing "no possibility of reducing their salaries more than the ceiling, which came in the project to the privacy of judicial work", reiterated his refusal to "prejudice the salaries of investigators and judicial assistants and the rest of the functional staffs for direct attachment to the citizen. "

Mahmoud He noted that "we continue to apply the development of judicial document discussed by the Supreme Judicial Council over the two sessions as an expression of ideas as a judge in 1560, it emerged from meetings Akduha inside the presidencies of the appeal."

It was to be "Iraqi judges have made great sacrifices 0.65 a judge and member of claim year has been cited since 2003," noting that "four of the judges of the Court of Cassation among the victims, as well as a number of heads adjuster appeal, as has been the martyrs of the judges of their loved ones."

In contrast Mahmood reported that "the Iraqi judiciary to apply the law, was beyond 8 of his judges during the last term in fair trials; because their behavior is not consistent with the nature of judicial work."

He revealed Mahmood for "Access Procedure Law Project sent by the judicial authority to the Cabinet six months ago to the House of Representatives."

As reported that "the unification of the project includes the extended challenge, and that challenge the decisions of urgency to the issues of personal status and personal material in front of the Court of Appeal as discriminatory", he stressed that "the amendment also included raising the ceiling of the case to the appellate million dinars."