Statement of Presidents meeting on Monday 28/12/2015

Presidents held a meeting on Monday 28/12/2015 at the Peace Palace in Baghdad in the presence of Messrs President of the Republic d. Fuad Masum, and Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi and House Speaker d. Salim Alajabura.orias Supreme Judicial Council d. Medhat al-Mahmoud.
It was at the meeting a comprehensive review of the overall political, security and economic developments, with emphasis on the following:
1. to commend the trophies and victories achieved by our fighters in Anbar province, and especially the military operations that took place in the city of Ramadi, where these operations confirmed the ability of the Champions fighters, in various squad, to defeat the criminals, terrorists and liberate the land of Dnassehm, as the price of meeting dear sacrifices made ​​by the people and armed forces in order to achieve victory in this heroic operations that put Aldoaash in front of the real their size large and their collapse in front of the great strikes of our heroes and proud of all Iraqis, including open it from prospects to liberate the entire city in Iraq, in particular the important processes that liberated by our troops Nineveh province, dear.
2. The success of the return of displaced persons to some administrative units in Diyala province, an important step to restore the rest of the displaced and displaced persons to their original home areas in all the liberated areas of the existence of Daash and insurance requirements that replays .
3 was confirmed to take all achieve addressing groups conducting kidnappings and killings, intimidation and practices of terrorism in various criminal.
4. pays tribute to the meeting of the Arab League's decision on the level of foreign ministers in condemning the incursion by Turkish military forces in the territory of Iraq and demand the Turkish government to withdraw its troops and not to compromising Iraqi sovereignty.
5. formation of a committee economical experts and specialists Iraqis and others in order to work on the study and mitigate the effects of the economic and financial crisis because of falling oil prices and the development of proposals and solutions that help to do so.
6. accelerate to complete the investigation according assets in regards to accused and work to expedite the resolution of the outstanding issues and so as to ensure fairness and compliance with laws and provisions in force.