Abadi and Barzani affirm cooperation to defeat terrorists

He congratulated the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, prime minister in a telephone contact Haider al-Abadi, on Wednesday, to restore the city of Ramadi of terrorists gangs Daash process.
A statement by the presidency of the province and agency of our economy news received a copy of it, that Barzani phone Abadi, through which the process of the restoration of Ramadi and other areas, congratulating and discussed Fih Prime Minister on the occasion of Liberation gray and the victory of the Iraqi forces in the city, and freed from the hands of terrorists.
"The statement added that the two sides have held talk about "The continued coordination and cooperation between the Peshmerga and Iraqi forces in the war against terrorism."
He stressed Barzani and Abadi, according to the statement on the need to "continue the military pressure on the terrorists on all fronts, in order to liberate areas and thwart terrorists and eliminate them."