Construction and Housing in the process of inventory of its territory and declared to invest

BAGHDAD / Dnanwr / .. revealed the Ministry of Construction and Housing for its efforts to inventory its territory and declared to invest, while stressed the need to end my complex (Amiriya and Aeltagyat) residential. According to a statement issued by the ministry received / JD / copy of it: that the Minister of Construction and Housing and public municipalities Tariq Kikhany terrace twelfth and final meeting of the body of opinion for 2015 in the presence of advanced staff of the Ministry During the meeting discussed a number of topics on the agenda, which relates to the ministry projects and priorities for the coming year 2016.
He said Kikhany that the meeting focused on what sought by the ministry in orientation to maximize the resources of the municipal departments and an inventory of its land and its announcement as investment opportunities was also stressed during the meeting the need to end my complex (Amiriya and Aeltagyat) residential who implemented by the ministry of investment and speed up work in them in a way.
He said to continue to develop and activate all laboratories construction of the ministry to be a source of income to the ministry sources, which contribute relatively in bridging the fiscal deficit due to lack of appropriations allocated to the ministry within the state budget for the year 2016
drew to double the efforts by the ministry, companies and supervisory bodies affiliated to the completion of projects entrusted to it within a timely fashion and in accordance with the required technical specifications and overcome the obstacles and impediments to the work of all service to the citizens, also came out Meeting several important recommendations that will accelerate the pace of work on projects and overcome the bureaucracy and red tape.
and the continuation of work that connects a strong message to the forces of evil and terrorism that the wheel of life will continue despite the noses enemies predators security and stability of Iraq.