Iraq and Iran discuss activating the agricultural agreements

Search Iraq and Iran, Wednesday, activating the agricultural agreements concluded between them. A statement by the Ministry of Agriculture "agency of our economy news received" a copy of it, that "the technical agent for the Ministry of Agriculture Mehdi ligature Qaisi met with economic adviser at the Iranian embassy in Baghdad, Mohammed Fayyazi Roozbehana The two sides discussed ways of activating the agreements concluded between the two neighbors in the plant area agreements, and follow up on what was agreed upon countries, and the possibility of concluding new agreements see the Iraqi side that need it. "

He said the agent said to his guest's keenness Agriculture Minister Falah Hassan Zaidan personally on the issue of expansion of cooperation with Iran, noting that "During the meeting, they discussed the restriction on the import of Iranian apples and the steps taken by the Ministry of Agriculture to check the safety of the crop before allowing entering Iraq which, as discussed to the possibility of cooperation in the field of fish wealth, and the cows. "

In turn, the guest expressed his country's readiness to establish specialized courses in Karbala province, it had already been agreed upon, in collaboration with the Shrine. 8%A7/