Housing: Al-Otaibi confer with the bank manager in the real estate finance housing projects payment mechanism in a way ...

12/30/2015 9:05
Follow-up / Iraq today
He met Mohammed Qusay threshold, Director General of the Department of Housing, one of the formations ministry, Khudair Abbas Rewan, Director General of the Land Bank and the delegation accompanying the headquarters of the Department of Housing to discuss and study the financing of housing projects carried out by the Department of Housing mechanism, in all Iraqi provinces and in cooperation and coordination with the Land Bank under the terms of Resolution the Council of Ministers (347) for 2015
Then the results submitted to the Minister of Construction and Housing and Minister of the Minister of Finance confirmed Rewan as the pursuit of the Land Bank to finance housing all projects with an amount of at least one trillion Iraqi dinars to finance the construction projects in the country with subthreshold pointed out the need for the sustainability of these housing projects and preservation of extinction and that serve a large segment of citizens of poor and low-income people in order to support the wheel construction and reconstruction in Iraq in addition to the economic movement development and that the unemployment rate is significantly lower in all governorates of Iraq. For his part the price threshold, visit Khudair Abbas Rewan, expressed his thanks and gratitude to this Support unlimited support and the assignment of the Department of Housing and housing finance their projects.