Industrial Development participates in the Advisory Board of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce meeting

12/30/2015 9:06
Iraq today / Hussein Ali
Participated Directorate General of Industrial Development, one of the formations and the Ministry of Industry and Minerals in the meeting of the Advisory Board of the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce on Hamdani conference hall in the presence of Director General Professor Said peace and Secretary General Abdul Hussein Jabr blessed and representatives of chambers of commerce.
During the meeting, the discussion of topics of interest to the economic reality, which serves also the private sector, and search mechanism for the Advancement of Iraqi industry
The meeting included representatives of the Chambers of Commerce to provide activities and reports in all the provinces and discuss and debate the monthly reports submitted by the Chairman of the Investment Committee for activating the role of the private sector and duties that the coordination between the relevant ministries and business process
As and met with peace happy with the Secretary General Abdul Hussein Jabr blessing, for the exchange of ideas and proposals between the parties on ways to improve the industrial sector and the provision of facilities available to entirely rely on the local product and the elimination of import Among the discussions that took place during the meeting, the subject of loans to Snaaan and the mechanism of their distribution and the role of the Industrial Development in simplifying the distribution procedures which serve the national industry