Khalisi calls to end the "pluralism" making the crowd and give up the slogans "suggest sectarianism"

2015-12-30 21:59:32 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Called religious authority, Sheikh Jawad al-Khalisi, Wednesday, to unite the popular crowd and ending the "pluralism" decisions which, while stressing the need not to raise slogans suggest as "sectarian".

He said Khalisi Speaking for the "unexpected" which aired Alsumaria TV, the "popular crowd when it stems from the defense of Iraq and its unity and confront extremist groups, that a national step", but he also said, "We refuse to take advantage of the popular crowd in criminal practices and theft name."

He Khalisi, the "popular crowd must be united and finish of pluralism in the making, and that the crowd an Iraqi national," calling to "give up the crowd for slogans that suggest sectarianism even if it were true."

Khalisi and pointed out that "many welcomed Bdaash for salvation from the government practices, but the current government considers that the practices of what happened is a serious mistake," adding that "Iraq is still in the phase of serious but it's not the most difficult."

It is noteworthy that the popular crowd form following the invitation of the religious authority who are able to take up arms to volunteer for the armed forces to fight al "Daash", has fought military operations and participated in the battles for the Liberation of cities and regions, dominated by the organization "Daash" after the tenth of June last year.