Deputy: a proposal to reduce employees' salaries was not presented for debate before approving the budget

December 30, 2015

MP Sarhan Slevana member of the parliamentary finance committee that "the proposal to reduce the salaries of staff, was not presented for discussion during the meetings of the budget discussion with the Council of Ministers before the law passed."

Slevana said in a press statement on Tuesday that "the government and stakeholders discussed all paragraphs of the draft federal budget law for 2016 with the Finance Committee before being presented to a vote in Parliament at the time."

He pointed out that "the Commission was in constant contact with the prime minister during the meetings to discuss the budget law, and told us that the salaries of state employees and retirees benefits fully insured, a top priority in the central treasury accounts".

"The Finance Committee's proposal to reduce employees' salaries was not presented during the discussion of the budget law in a timely manner."

He Slevana, that "there is constant coordination between the Ministry and the Finance Committee in Parliament to follow up the implementation of the law provisions and obstacles that may arise in the future," noting that "the parliamentary Finance Committee conducted transfers in the doors of the general budget of about 270 billion dinars, not the prejudice to the salaries of employees and retirees."

The local media picked up the Council of Ministers is considering a proposal by the Ministry of Finance is expected to overcome the deficit in the 2016 budget to reduce the staff spends time in half, in exchange for giving them half the salary, in the event of the fall in world oil prices continued to market.