The outbreak of armed clashes between the people of Fallujah and the elements of the city Daash

3012 2015
A security source announced that the outbreak of a battle between the people of all the weapons the city of Fallujah and the elements of the terrorist organization Daash.

A security source said in a press statement, that "the differences in the inside Fallujah broke out between locals and Daash due to severe siege of the city, where some residents demanded out of the city but elements Daash did not allow them causing the outbreak of a battle between them and all the weapons."

The MP for the province of Anbar, Mohammed Halbusi count edit city of Ramadi, a key to complete the liberation of the rest of the cities of the province pages usurped by Daash terrorist gangs.

He Halbusi in a statement, it said that "our joy liberation of the city of Ramadi center can not make us forget or distract us from the investment euphoria and self-confidence and high morale of our armed forces and the sons of the tribes in the rush for the Liberation of the cities of Fallujah and Haditha and Qaim and clean them from the clutches of Daash terrorist".

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