Najib: Government decisions to promote self-financing companies to take effect in 2016 budget

December 29, 2015 17:20

Baghdad / nina:
The economic and investment commission representative confirmed that all decisions taken by the Council of Ministers to address the situation of self-financing companies that will be valid in the general budget for 2016, said committee member Rep. Najiba Najib Iraqi National News Agency / Nina / that "the Parliamentary Committee discussed with the Minister Industry and Secretaries of State application processors approved by the Council of Ministers for the advancement of companies self-financing.

She noted that" decisions taken by the Council of Ministers to take effect in the budget of next year on those companies."

The budget included a reduction of the retirement age to under 50 years old for the assignment of personnel companies self-financing and businesses unprofitable, who have reached the legal age to retire, and rehabilitation of human capacity to those companies through the infusion of new blood and energy efficient."

She continued that" the 2016 budget allocated trillion and 600 billion dinars to pay the salaries of self-financing companies."

It noted that" the Ministry of Industry asked Add 200 billion dinars another to pay the staff of those companies' salaries.

It showed that" the budget law to ensure emphasis on the adjustment of customs tariff law and the application of national product protection law, as part of the government's processors for the advancement of companies self-financing. "

She stressed that" Government processors contained in 2016 budget included a launch with the participation of the private sector in all the companies and state-owned factories and companies self-financing.