2016 and expected changes

12/30/2015 0:00

Yasser incumbent
assumed that 2016 will be a year of detente, but a «breakthrough»? Lies in the recognition of mistakes and seek to overcome them where circumstances dictated conversion to disclosure and transparency everything happened, whether it was a success or a failure, and only so delusions remain prevalent.

This optimism is supposed emitted from that reforms (Rather) measures may be approved, but did not apply will take its way to implementation Like it or not because the situation after the collapse of oil resources has become unbearable and push for alternative and I mean the measures to be implemented talk .aguetsr here about the side you are concerned with this page specialized, and our vision of the economy to the path to be turning in the right direction, but this does not mean that we will maintain the level of living is hoped but the need requires avoid complex problem and acceptance and sacrifice to Amehal .alibdaah inevitably from scratch construction is based on the availability of human capacity and some natural resources is invested, provided the exclusion of even thinking about the oil and revenues, the rest of the important federal resources and reserves capable to overcome the critical stage and could spend with him a new emerging country, Maalmtalob?

Accept the status basic Allowaqa.almttlebatt to skip the stage requires reflect the productive economic sectors that promote capital cycle, developmental initiative is launched by the Central can be a real starting point and this requires editing the economic file of the political pressure and personal interests and leave the executive branch runs away from them , if I want to achieve economic stability.

Therefore, we found that 2016 is the year of transparency and disclosure because choosers in front of politicians and parliamentarians, but the delivery Bhz truth and leave the economy to the minds of the masterminds in the planning to save him, and it certainly requires sacrifices and concessions for personal interests and recognize that inevitably entrust the responsibility of View under the supervision of the Economic and monitor and guide the private sector Ath.khalash say that you must turn the pages of the lintel and the blame for all the failures and we have to wake up to rid the country's economy from the real collapse and this requires honesty and transparency in the next deal.