Parliamentary Integrity begins investigation of corrupt armor file


BAGHDAD - A fraternity
It announced that the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, opened the corrupt armor of the Ministry of Industry to investigate it and submitted it to the specialized committees file.
He said the Parliamentary Integrity Committee member Abdul Karim Alabtan: The parliamentary integrity opened the Ministry of Industry files after accusations it by the interior and defense that corruption exists in the corrupt body armor, indicating that the accusations against the Ministry of Industry by the defense and interior ministries federated clear and can not be overcome without achieving .
He added, that the Integrity Commission opened a fake armor file, and asked the two ministries to provide full investigation into the corruption that exists of the information, adding that the integrity also opened military boots, which says the ministries of interior and defense file as imported by China, where the teams prices, not production locally by the Ministry of Industry .
He stressed that the Commission is continuing to investigate to get to the satisfactory results be announced to the public if completed, pointing out that the armor very important file because it relates to the lives of the fighters who are struggling to clear the ground of Conception Daash criminal.