Results of the investigation in the manipulation of money the Development Fund for Iraq announced soon


BAGHDAD - Alaa al-Tai
revealed Economic Commission representative on the near announcement of results of investigations into allegations of irregularities with money the Development Fund for Iraq. This comes at a time of heightened claims of U.S. President Barack Obama to issue a decision for the protection of Iraq's money abroad. Committee Chairman Ahmed al-Alwani: "In case been set up or establish a national fund, the money Iraq all will be it .. It can be no share for each individual Iraqi. "It is said that" the Development Fund for Iraq was formed after the fall of the dictatorial regime, where he became Iraq under the protection of the U.S. to keep the money of the Iraqi seizure them or calling upon the States loans or debt overhang that handed down the dictatorial regime. "The President of the Economic Commission representative having a lot of allegations and accusations, which was launched on a rig or withdraw funds from the Development Fund for Iraq without legal cover, declaring that the investigative committees set up by the Parliament was on charges of withdrawing billions of dollars from the fund of the year 2003 and so far, "revealing a close announcement of these committees the results of its investigation and disclosure of the circumstances and the fate of the money spent. and the Cabinet had the face of last week, that the" establishment of the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to issue uncles to all ministries and non-related to the Ministry of approaching BSA exclusively for all inquiries for the account funds the Development Fund for Iraq, including the issue raised by the Office of Inspector General, U.S. on the safety act the $ (17) billion dollars of Iraqi funds and to consider the Board of Supreme Audit contact while retaining the reference The Committee to Protect Iraq's money in this regard, also called the State Department to approach the U.S. side through diplomatic channels in order to issue an executive order by the U.S. President for the continued protection of Iraqi funds for an additional year as of 22 May 2012 ".2