Salahuddin discuss the rehabilitation of the Baiji refinery with the crowd and the Ministry of Oil


Salah al-Din / long-Presse
Renewed Salahuddin management, its call for the federal government attention to the rehabilitation of the Baiji refinery for the recovery of the Iraqi economy in general and to maintain in particular, while the body the popular crowd confirmed its readiness to support this, I went back to the second page of "victory over Daash" The return of stability to eliminate, and the rest of the liberated cities.
The governor of Salah al-Din, Raed Ibrahim, in an interview for the (long-Presse) that "the efforts of the Ministry of Oil for the reconstruction of the Baiji refinery is an important step for Iraq in general and the province in particular," noting that "the province examined ways to restart the refinery with representatives of the Ministry of Oil and security leaders and popular crowd" .
Ibrahim added, "The meeting which was attended by Deputy Chief of the popular crowd, Abu Mahdi Mohandes, stressed the need for the rehabilitation of the refinery," calling "the federal government to the actual economic interest in this facility is vital."
He promised the governor, that "the rehabilitation unit Salahuddin production, in Baiji refinery, is a sign of the basis for the advancement of the economic and financial reality of Iraq in general and Salah al-Din in particular," noting that "unity contribute to oil production development and increase of its value."
Ibrahim explained, that "The oil ministry expressed its readiness for the rehabilitation of the refinery after the disclosure of the damage caused by terrorist and military operations that led to a stop."
In turn, said the engineer, in an interview for the (long-Presse) that "the popular crowd is ready to cooperate with the security leaders to support the engineering effort and restart the refinery," adding that "the second page of the victory over Daash after the liberation of Baiji, is the return of stability to eliminate (40 km north Tikrit) and the rest of the liberated cities. "
He said the popular leader of the crowd, that "the situation in Tikrit going about normal," pointing out that "make sure that during an inspection tour in Tikrit and their markets."
It announced the federal police headquarters, in (14 October 2015) for full liberalization of the Baiji refinery, in the process (Beck, O Messenger of God II), to liberate northern Salahuddin areas (170 km north of Baghdad.)