The evacuation of hundreds of civilians trapped amid gray

12/30/2015 (00:01 pm) - The number of readings: 14 - Issue (3536)
The evacuation of hundreds of civilians trapped amid gray
Anbar / term
Announced a senior security official, begin evacuating dozens of families that were trapped inside the city of Ramadi after the liberation of the city from the control of the organization Daash.
The commander of special operations in the third anti-terrorism device Maj. Gen. Sami Kazim, Arda, told AFP, "We started today to evacuate at least 350 civilians were caught Daash the center of Ramadi."
He explained that "about a hundred family of up to more than 350 people, mostly women and children surrendered to the forces fighting terrorism in the government complex device the center of Ramadi."
He said the officer, who belongs to the elite forces, which played a role in the restoration of gray, "We are now dealing with security and then we will move them to the rear areas far from the theater of operations has been provided to them in the camp Habbaniyah tourist area."
He said Arda "ongoing implementation of other duties remaining within the gray center of our units, to clean up the rest of the residential neighborhoods."
Provided the elements of the organization of the center and the city of Ramadi government compound two days ago and left their weapons and equipment and turned to the eastern outskirts of the city.
He said the military official "elements of the organization escaped from the center of Ramadi, did not remain only a few" in the city, explaining that "military units are going to edit the Sufi areas and Alsjarih and Alboganm and Albomraei and Joabh down to the East Husaybah east of Ramadi."