International Alliance: Battle of Ramadi, an Iraqi and had enough to provide air cover


BAGHDAD / long-Presse

Description spokesman for the international coalition Steve Warren, on Tuesday, some Iraqi politicians regarding the presence of US ground forces in Ramadi's remarks as "false", as he emphasized the non-participation of US helicopters in Ramadi battles.
While he said the Iraqi army is the first Army riveted bridge afloat since the seventies of the last century, it was considered success in Ramadi, "a proud moment" for Iraq and its partners.

A spokesman for the international coalition during the press conference held at the headquarters of the US Embassy in Baghdad and attended (range Press), said that "participation in the international coalition fighting al Daash in Iraq came at the request of the Iraqi government and to provide advice to defeat Daash".
Warren added that "the statements made by some politicians about the presence of US ground forces in Ramadi, a pure lie", describing the remarks as "irresponsible".
The spokesman accused the international coalition "Those politicians of trying to invent problems and the creation of the band," denying "the participation of a US helicopter in Ramadi edit battles."
Warren emphasized that "the forces that fought on the ground in Ramadi is the only Iraqi forces," pointing out that "the international coalition provided air cover for those forces through decisive air strikes." And on the number of raids carried out by the coalition through the liberalization of gray process, Warren said that "the international coalition provided support for the Iraqi government to enable them to fight organizing Daash," noting that "coalition aircraft carried out 630 air strikes against the organization in Anbar during the past period."
He added that "the international coalition trained brigades several military and counter-terrorism forces and local police and those troops fought in Ramadi, in addition to providing special to invalidate packages and car bombs engineering units and the provision of a floating bridge enabled the troops to cross the river," noting that "the Iraqi army is the first Army Arabic riding a bridge afloat since the seventies of the last century, the International Alliance trained on the use of that bridge. "
And he drew a spokesman for the international coalition, that "the Iraqi forces liberated the area around Ramadi and the bridge of Palestine and the center of operations inspired nationalization, university and Warrar and crossed to the other side of the river, and set up a line on the railway along about to clear the rest of the pockets of the city center, and is working to remove improvised explosive devices", stressing that "the recent success in Ramadi, a proud moment for Iraq and its partners."
Warren pointed out that "the battle to liberate Mosul need a long time to create the conditions to release it," noting that "the Iraqi government is one of the forces that will determine the liberation of the city will participate in the process."
He pointed out that "coalition aircraft managed to kill more than two thousand fighters in the organization Daash since last July," asserting that "strikes coalition aircraft destroyed several car bombs and mines and obstacles."
Pedroh, US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter congratulated the Iraqi government, on the progress made in regaining control of the city of Ramadi.
Carter said in a statement that "the expulsion of Daash forces at the hands of Iraqi security forces are a major step forward in the campaign to defeat this barbaric organization." "It is now important that the Iraqi government will seize the opportunity to save the peace in Ramadi and prevent the return of Daash and other extremists and facilitate the return of the citizens of the city of Ramadi to" ..