Parliamentary Legal stresses the need to speed up the legislation of anti-terrorism law
11:05 GMT
Special-and babysit - said a member of the parliamentary legal committee Amin Bakr, said the anti-terrorism laws necessary and important law, especially after the achievements of Iraqi forces from recent victories against Daash groups.
Bakr In a statement to the news agency public opinion (and babysit), on Tuesday, said the "necessary for the House of Representatives and the legislature to speed up the legislation of anti-terrorism law," referring to "the existence of a controversial points in this law must first agreed upon between the political blocs and resolution until integrated into law. "

Baker attributed the delay to the enactment of this law, "there are some points that politicians are thinking that it will be used for political purposes," stressing "the need for the formulation of this law, the form in which to convince the political blocs that law away from any political uses of" g / h