Abadi escapes assassination attempt when inspecting military units in Ramadi By Shaimaa Mohammed 40 minutes ago

Survived Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Tuesday, an assassination attempt when inspecting military units in the city of Ramadi, a day after restored fully from the organization "Islamic state" Daash. A source in the Iraqi army in Al-Anbar, the network Roudao media, said that " Abadi arrived in Ramadi today, and lose the military units in the city, but the presence in the denominator bridge area in the center of Ramadi subjected to missile attack, withdrew from the area immediately. "arrived Abadi city of Ramadi today in an inspection visit was attended by the commander of ground forces team Riyadh Jalal Tawfiq, the head Anbar Provincial Council morning Krhot and a number of military and local officials. and said security forces on Monday (12/28/2015) full control over, about 110 kilometers west of the Iraqi capital city of Baghdad, Ramadi. The organization "Islamic state" Daash has attacked Ramadi It may last May and managed to gain control of it after fierce battles with the Iraqi army.