Blocks completed preparations for the conference and national plans to reduce its demands

On: Tuesday 03/06/2012 10:31

 Baghdad / range
complexity of the Preparatory Committee of the National Conference to meet her sixth in the Office of the Vice President of the Republic Khudair Khuzaie after a series of delays due to failure to attend one of the political parties, in a meeting described by a coalition of state law, most importantly, who will discuss, among other things detailed in both the legislative and executive after it was agreed in advance on how to resolve outstanding issues.

Will the blocks today to complete the agenda of the Conference and put its principles, said MP for the coalition of state law Abdul Salam al-Maliki "the Preparatory Committee established a single sheet of more than 40 points to be discussed on the aspects of the executive, legislative and judicial."
But the prime minister in a telephone conversation with (range ) yesterday stated that "it is not logical to put all of these differences during the National Conference, as will the Preparatory Committee to be reduced by shifting some of the actors are able to resolve it," noting that "is not true that considering the political blocs files that are not important and placed inside a paper demands standard will be submitted to President Jalal Talabani. "