Finance Minister arrest (Daash) in Anbar fugitives hiding among the citizens of the city

Iraqi soldiers waving the Iraqi flag in the street in Ramadi after editing. Harbi cell media announced on Tuesday the arrest of the organization's finance minister (Daash) in Anbar fugitives hiding among the citizens of the city, while the receiver 415 civilians confirmed on the run from the city because of military operations.
The cell in a statement received (range Press), a copy of it, that "anti-terrorism device received 415 trapped civilians from the families of Anbar in the government complex center of Ramadi," pointing to "secure food and medicine to them and to create safe corridors for them to while clearing the city of explosives ".
The statement added that "citizens have told the security forces the existence of the organization's finance minister (Daash) undercover among citizens and trying to escape," adding that "the security forces were able to arrest him."
The statement pointed out that "the medical detachments of the security forces rescued a pregnant woman and held her after the birth of the process of gaining access to her husband with the security forces in the government complex."
And it announced the Joint Special Operations Command, on Monday (28-12-2015), edit Ramadi (110 km west of Baghdad), fully and raising the Iraqi flag over the government complex downtown, and promised those victories "as a result of the cohesion of rows and the unity of the word", while confirming near edit the rest of the cities "usurped".
The security forces of the army and police, able to support the crowd clan, and fly the international coalition, to achieve significant progress in Ramadi, Sunday, (December 27 2015), and inflict (Daash) heavy losses in lives and equipment, as announced by the Council of Anbar province, Amal Fahdawi, in an interview to the (long-Presse), for cleansing the center of Ramadi government compound completely and raise the Iraqi flag over government buildings.