Allawi won militarily and asks: When we win politically?

12/29/2015 7:33
Today Iraq / Baghdad
It seems that Iyad Allawi, another conservative on the survival of the pulse of secularism in the country, away from the religious museum, which led Islamism to power parties, he could not hide his joy overwhelming editing gray from the grip of what is known as "organizing Daash" .altobeir his joy, it came in a statement. Yesterday, it was the mediator between our online and between Allawi:
"Iraqis are heroes continue Sacred scramble for the Liberation of dear gray city of Conception obscurantists, enemies of humanity - Daash gangs terrorist, to baptize epic victory, with the blood of their sons pure men of the army and national police, and the forces of counter-terrorism, brave, and clans brave, to record feat supervisor in the book of Iraq Majid , and on behalf of the whole world, to Atmahoha days ", and increased head national coalition:" We as record our pride and our pride in the performed immortal, and that has been achieved with determination and wings honorable Iraqis, congratulate our honorable and his sons loyal all, and to ourselves, freeing the land of gray combatant in the finest form of cohesion of Iraq, we are confident liberation of every inch of the land of Mesopotamia, and roll back the herds of wild terrorism .. through the activation of intelligence and combat operations, quality and effective, to decode the families of our people hostages in cities and towns captive, and re-displaced and displaced persons to their areas and reconstruction and the provision of services where, a Maidfna to hope ", and did not Allawi Too Cheap to show in the preamble to the statement, some of his advice to the government:" I call on the government and all stakeholders and interested parties to the adoption of the integrated plan to catch the liberated territories, and to initiate a program post-Daash stage ", and first what should be in this Albornamj- as envisioned "It's on top of that, it leaves revenge, exclusion and marginalization concepts, and out of the sectarian political tunnel, to achieve national reconciliation, community and unity, as a sole, to avoid chaos and problems in the future, and also intensify coordination with and between the various international coalition forces, to speed up the elimination of Daash, and edit For the whole land and the preservation of the lives of civilians, and the protection of their property and infrastructure for their areas as much as possible, "With regard to how to maintain the victories achieved, Allawi advised also:" The perpetuation achieved a military victory, requires achieving political victory first, so we call on all political, social and religious forces to stand Behind our armed forces and support, and the unification of the national effort and ally to fight Daash, within the formal framework and under clear government leadership. "