Two hundred years of prison .. chasing a large range of "56" in Dohuk !!

12/29/2015 7:35
Follow-up / Iraq today
It seems that the judiciary in the Kurdistan region, had campaigned hunting for senior corrupt and who sometimes called a popular description is "56". Assigned counsel to the fair company, disclosed yesterday that "the issuance of a prison sentence for more than 100 years the owner of the company - Rushdie dry for fraud,"
It seems the norm of judicial decisions in Iraq issued against the fat cats, the verdict was in absentia: "The judgment was issued in absentia, while waiting for the release of other provisions, pending the completion of the trial," more the lawyer's speech Omar, he found his way to the agency newsworthy, he quoted him: " The cover of Dohuk Court, issued at the end of November of this year, a month, a decision, spend in prison for his United fair company - Rushdie dry for more than 100 years ", and the legal basis which provided 100 years to the top of the fair company, we read:" The decision was made of Court, in accordance with Article 456 fraud of the Iraqi Penal Code, "either evidence that confirms that the person convicted in absentia of the top" 56 ":" The Dohuk Court, received more than 400 complaints from citizens, have purchased residential units, a United equitable for the company in the province. " , but he acknowledged Omar explicitly: "The company has not fulfilled its promises, the completion of the project", has not carried out wit as informs us more about the talents of this "56": "The court has so far produced more than 150 decision Judging by the owner of the company - Rushdie dry, prison for a period ranging from 4 6 months in each case, "either Masnrahenk him dear reader, that you Stgahgah if you read to him:" After resolving all issues, may be tried dry in prison, for more than 200 years ", and with respect to the conduct of trials against the dry, which appears to be a professional a veteran in the world of the "56", explained the lawyer Omar: "The issuance of the sentences were in absentia, for not attending Dry investigation processes, and procedures for the conduct of the trial", and the remaining for his client's rights, we read: "The dry right to challenge the decision in the case of his arrest "It seems that the importance of the subject, Astohilt poll official relations in investments Duhok Directorate of opinion - Falah Haji, which officially announced the end of the investment relationship between his Directorate and the fair company:" The prime minister of the Kurdistan Regional Council, decided to cancel the residential project, the United equitable for the company, due to complaints of citizens ", and the fair Tarif and owner dry from San Haji:" The company has sold about 490 residential units, having completed 10% of the construction of these units, "but those affected, according to Haji, will not hire an ordered them to God but:" The Presidency of the Government of the Territory , formed a special committee to study the project of a new, take a decision on it, "and added:" The Government of the Territory is working to save affected the rights of citizens of the project ", and remind you dear reader, that:" The fair company, embarked on the implementation of Dashti Ahisht housing project in Erbil, about five years ago, and started building another residential project in Dohuk, on behalf of City oozing in the year 2013, the project was completed, "and so make sure that the country is unified by its corruption .. may God give them good.