National Bloc: edit gray strong message on the unity of Iraq and all its components

​Counting head of the parliamentary bloc, the National Coalition MP Kazem al-Shammari, Tuesday, victories that have been achieved liberation of the city of Ramadi as a strong message to the unity of Iraq and all its components, which dropped all bets on the inability of our armed forces and clans thoroughbreds in defeat Daash criminal gangs. Al-Shammari said in a statement "the agency our economy news" received a copy of it, we are "at a time when we congratulate ourselves and the Iraqi people this victory and joy, which coincided with the joys of Iraqis birthday of master objects Mohammed and Christmas for Jesus Christ, we sought to shore up our armed forces in the Iraqi army and the Champions Federal anti-terrorism police and the crowd and the popular clan in the hearts of Iraqis Athlaj more victories until the liberation of the last inch of our beloved Iraq. " He added that the "Charge of the heroes of our military in Ramadi, make us an urgent need to reconsider and pay more attention to the strengthening of this institution, which was and is and will continue to represent a high fence to protect the soil of this country and its dimensions cry from the rhetoric of political and sectarian rivalries and focus on the reconstruction of our army valiant as his reign the world as a first strike in the region Ihabha and respected by all. "
Shammari pointed to "the need to give sacrifices and tournaments anti-terrorism device which was formed in the time of former Prime Minister and President of the National Coalition Dr. Iyad Allawi, a special place during this phase through to speed up the legislation of anti-terrorism law to act as a simple token offer to these fervent appreciation of their efforts and sacrifices they have made and to submit them in order to preserve the reputation of this country and its soil Tahir. "

He said Shammari said "victories gray gave my name and most beautiful message of the unity of the people all of its components when mixed with the blood of the son of the center and south with the blood of their fellow sons of the tribes Anbarah thoroughbreds in order to achieve one's goal is to edit a piece of land of Iraq without distinction to the city for another, which dropped all bets on the weakness of those possibilities after winning the best of image he wishes every Iraqi jealous at home and their homeland, congratulations to all of us this steadfast people and congratulations to all of us that the army and the tribes that silenced all mouths and warmed hearts and raised the name and the Iraqi flag high. "