Reform active resistance against deviation


With hopes of revitalizing branches in 2016 after stiffness in 2015

Jassim rainy *

It is known that revealed (something hidden) in galaxies and shelving government offices should be done in a manner (descriptive literature) is to revive the twigs next year in 2016 and make it after flowering stiffness in the year 2015. On this basis, I try to be connected to the (time) and (location) and (social environment) and all the influences in human life for Iraq and Iraqis. Some often writes on the occasion of the New Year things about the reality or the facts do not exist on the ground virtually positive. Also he writes about wishful thinking does not unrelated to the possibility of social or political reality of the current realization. In both cases, the writing is not an expression of the movement of history.

Contradictions of Iraqi life

It is also made since the fall of the dictatorship in 2003 until the last day of 2015 became the lives of Iraqis in extremely difficult .. can be summarized say it's life was not without humiliation and subservience and corruption, weakness and poverty, unemployment and displacement, rather than complacency and social peace, security and tranquility and economic progress. To be sure, 2015 has seen more kinds of Iraqi life disruption and fear and confusion and panic than any other time, especially in the three million Iraqis displaced from their homes and their towns to the circumstances of the case open, which does not cover-up of cold and heat, hunger and disease. As has become a financial and economic situation backward case inevitable, due to lower oil prices, making the life of the toiling masses in the case of degeneration terrible terrible dominated by financial corruption. Also, the year 2015 was an inverse link with what is desired by the people of the state of security and safety while dominated forces (Daash) terrorist in the middle of 2015 to the city of Ramadi after control of the land in the provinces of Nineveh and Salahuddin, which was imposed on the Iraqi state new missions to rebuild the armed forces hard travail and capacity to enter into full-scale war with the enemies of human history in the organization of the Islamic terrorist Caliphate State (Daash) which summed up her mind and its weapons and Mjazha and Jnasha in the killing of innocent people peaceful and intimidation Palmfajkhat, displacement and death and destruction of all the infrastructure, education, health, oil, economic and others. This fact has prompted the state tasks and duties do not unthinkable one, especially since all of these issues, or most of them collided and still collide with Abrim financial corruption, with corrupt line Varmint, with inactivity aseptic, widespread in most state agencies, including the ministries of defense equipment and interior, leading to the degeneration of political action .sart state does not value her actions, not in accomplishing things not in the fix is ​​no doubt that the multiple existing between the central authority and the authority of the Kurdistan Regional and local authorities in the provinces the problems, which worsened to extremes during 2015 as led to the subordination of political and parliamentary and judicial situation where not to static metrics comma between right and wrong too pre-occupied environment.

The role of the street in the evaluation of power

In mid-2015 appeared a large team of people critical of the situation deteriorating in Baghdad's Liberation Square demonstrations in the streets of the Iraqi provinces, all condemning the bitter reality and calls for economic, political and social reform. Demonstrations were beautiful but under many political clouds. The first time in our country achieved the dream of a purely link when available from some kind of slogans (the demonstrators) and plans (Prime Minister), who found that it is possible to achieve (reforms of the state) and its model in the executive and parliamentary work. The protesters were dreaming that match their demands with mass reformist Dr. Haider Abadi Prime Minister plan. Already matched (in theory) between Tahrir Square and the Hall of Parliament and the Council of Ministers. But the fact remained a model for subsequent hanging austerity measures, just an exchange of views on the television screen or in the shadow ministerial meetings routine.

Meaning reform

Reform is not just a word spoken or repeated, it is a revolutionary scale of the referee standards .anh kind of legitimacy and refer to this more or less, from the application of constitutional provisions and the supremacy of law, it is the right definition of the integration of the ruling power and its president, practically with the demands of the people, without neglecting the principles of the three powers and independence. Reform is not absorbed a curse to the people, it is a transgression of the failure time. It is a political acceleration - a moral at the legal level is able to overcome the financial loss to the particle through 12 years of age home. It featured the exclusion of the corrupt and the corrupt who Ttauloa of the temporal power during the exercise in that period.

The (reform) is a practical interpretation of the individual doing the reformer or reformers Community of the concepts of economic or political sin sin, which have hurt and harm the interests of the people and the homeland. The (reform) is clear and precious definition and daily exercise clear and valuable to the difficulties required to or resulting from the corruption of ministers and governors, governors and other men of power and authority of who imposed impressions and facts, not moral nor wise, in the relationship between (the state) and (citizen) Fajloa, consciously or unconsciously, the balance of power, turning the rights of service (utilities) to a service (Special benefits).

The (reform) of any kind, financially or economically, politically or even morally no secret sacred, it is, essentially, the gift of a personal, partisan or collectively to solve general problems, where the President puts a general problem Astrha on paper as a general problem in 2015 to solve them after that President puts in front of him three questions concerning reform:

(1) Where are beginning ..?

(2) What is included in the hierarchy of his reforms ..?

(3) what he has to exclude men, grades and other means ..?

Was President Haider al-Abadi if he wanted to repair the results of the sins and errors of his predecessors in power within 12 years of the same faces that simply following questions: Who am I ..? what I do..? What I want to be ..? What is the goal of the reform ..?

It began in 2015 and ended without President Abadi ask himself these questions necessary reform in politics, as in the experiences of all countries and all reformist figures. Not only political leaders reformists ask themselves these questions, but witnessing intellectual history examples of hundreds of reformers in the District, ethical and social issues of life asked themselves these questions, such as: (Tolstoy and Bernard Shaw and Goethe and Shakespeare and Tawfiq al-Hakim and Mohammed Abdu) and thousands of others.

Because the curriculum and culture of President Abadi not Tahlanh to discover himself and questions have helped the Iraqi press and some Iraqi intellectuals and slogans of the demonstrators, and even Progressive MP Mehdi al-Hafez, to put (an emergency plan) are necessary for reform. Was Hafiz has put in front of him three steps Almtojb followed in order to be a 2015-year-old reformist real, but the president has not mastered (the art of listening) to the other, but concluded 365 days of the year without having rid itself from the dilemma of authority after 2003 is not applicable to the essence of democratic principles . It relied on a group of advisers around him members of his party do not have the talents and Nboga, but most of them adventurers, beneficiaries, are not interested in reform he wants Abadi.

The meaning of practical reform

The most important concepts paced reform or (reformist revolution) is to understand the assigned his constitutional authority from the top, any of Parliament, for a limited period of time estimated at four actual years is the duty of the people helping to do good and is planning to do in one year rapid reform measures what doing other four years. There was a wonderful event in Parliament under the law and the Constitution to be Dr. Haider Abadi, head of the Iraqi prime minister in difficult circumstances, both internally and externally. Abadi was to be the (Iraqi President) and not a president or a Shi'ite partisan. His mission was to reform first is cleansing and apparatus of State from all forms of practitioners of violence and financial corruption and adultery administrative and thieves and prostitutes of all kinds Is able to President al-Abadi said the reform process of the State of corrupt - as promised is the same - after a year and a half passage of his presidency on the parish stricken various forms of injustices ..? It ended the year 2015 as a whole without the president himself and Abadi review its policy and procedures, leaving the reformist ordered evaluation of journalists, academics, writers and researchers from the owners of his party or his community to give him compliments types of non-adherent truth and reasonableness.

In the writing of events, including the appropriate New Year's self often dominates the writer confused feeling. Petro writes sometimes one of them, while another writes rashly and perhaps the two is lying without realizing that the fact that their claims Vihaoy prudence and accelerometer output together, especially when they did not realize fully obey obey stringent specifications dictated by the writing sincere honest words.

Reform transition process

Traipse in the new year 2016 is not separate from the wish of the whole people, the achievement of democracy, freedom and dignity. So I try to offer here (wishes) to be away from the 2016 and 2015, the contents of the financial and economic ruin and extreme cruelty in people's lives.

(1) I wish I could end up a spiritual forever and the presence of Al Daash in Anbar, Nineveh and all Iraqi soil after the liberation, and end, too, all public burdens resulting from the displacement of citizens and to be fighters, volunteers, army, police, judges, staff and members of the provincial council prepared to provide real service to citizens and legislation the doors of justice to enable them to pursue their stones.

(2) the basic feature as a feature required for next year to be a major political advantage in the sense save the population of cities and rural areas of armed militia, which infringe on the Constitution and laws, secretly and publicly. Every Iraqi citizen hopes that the state does not allow ownership of arms to non-army and police, sons, and to rule out forever undergo citizen secret gangs.

(3) hope hard please everyone to succeed (intellectual) and (State) that be able to exchange views on the future of Iraq, through the union power of thought and the power of the state, any Alvkroukratih union with democracy and work so that the Iraqi state is a civil state real constitution and legal institutions spirit. It should not remain replaced autocratic rule of law.

(4) reform stage is a transition in nature need to be a high value between state officials and the demands embodied citizens dialogue through free national press in front of state officials to get rid immediately of sophist dialogue and exercise attractor caller knowledge of policy dialogue in order to have a sense of dialectics between everyone, in the state and political forces, to define the concept of fair measurement in the reform Bonmozj the moderate center and away from extremes Alagosaian in the right and left.

The achievements of 2016 will be bigger and broader than in 2015 but they will be better and better, but if the government itself has been subject to the will of the people and their legitimate aspirations and wishes for the upcoming. My hope is that the application away from the Iraqi experience in the words of Syrian writer: a major calamity when the political does not differentiate between strategic choice and (option with milk), then you will not see the difference between the Authority and the (power).