Turkey buys oil '' daash» by $ 10 a barrel

News source: Ali Salman
Section: Economic page
December 29, 2015, 7:08 pm

After a series of reports and documents submitted by Russian authorities in addition to the official French and Norwegian reports on oil smuggling by organizing '' daash» defeated terrorist across Turkish territory, confessions of an item «daashi» Chechens revealed new details on trafficking terrorist organization and methods of marketing to Turkey which transports them to far-flung places, revealing that the price of a barrel of oil «aldaashi» smuggled across Turkey sold nearly $ 10 in parallel with the current global prices approaching $ 38.

Confessions of terrorist

In an interview favored channel «Life news» Russian terrorist admitted Monday, Rustam tofsltanov, which occurred in the grip of Russian security service went to Syria at the invitation of his brother «Ruslan» who works in so-called escort aldaashi device on the protection of oil installations since 3 years in the area of the «mark» on the Iraqi-Syrian border, and then go to the tenderness of the terrorist organization in Syria's stronghold.
In his confession, he said: "there is always oil tankers in the vicinity of oil platforms, and then go towards the sea, the oil is sold to Turkey and China, he said that" senior staff in your aldaashi guarding access to relatively large amounts of most of them nationals of Kazakhstan who run oil platforms», he said: "I was watching the movement of oil tankers in tenderness and other areas at night and day, back and forth in full and without any security escort.

Very low prices

Tofsltanov said: «oil trafficking represents one basic budget winner terrorists», the «daash» seized some 15 oil fields, and a large number of people wishing to purchase this oil – at the time ranging from oil prices on world markets between 35 and 38 dollars a barrel, terrorists each barrel 10-$ 18 only through intermediaries in Turkey.

Russian authorities had previously published a documented reports maps and aerial photos of oil smuggling by organizing "terrorist through daash» Turkish air force notably images and movies captured aircraft for nearly 12,000 oil tank going in corridors towards Turkish territory, said Russia's Security Council representative Vitaly Churkin:" oil transfer in most cases by tanks passing through border checkpoints with Turkey : Wakchakal wegilvigos wongobinar karkamish, pointing out that the tanks of transport used is in the thousands, '' daash» by a number of Turkish companies including company «walks» in the city of Konya and Sam automotive» in the city of antakya.

Leadership conflicts

The agency «Reuters» Monday a detailed report about personal conflicts amounting to liquidation and murder among the leaders of the terrorist organization to acquire looted funds in areas that were with him in Iraq and Syria, the Agency quoted officials in Washington that documents found by us special forces in a RAID in may in Syria killed Abu Sayyaf "» the biggest financial administrator in the terrorist organization, showed how terrorists sources of income from oil plundered to stolen antiquities, said One of the u.s. officials: '' daash» dealing with those stolen in '' the spoils of war» but documents describing the civilian population caught in the grip of organization b «slave», us officials said that the documents have helped the International Alliance in identifying weaknesses in the Organization, most of the documents confiscated by u.s. forces '' is about fatwas dealing with rape of prisoners to the treatment of slaves and when is it permissible to steal his father's son to provide travel for Jihad»