Calls for consideration of alternatives for oil industry

2912 2015
Called two economists, to find alternatives to oil to cope with the financial crisis experienced by the country, through the adoption of a comprehensive reform strategy includes making a number of decisions to address imbalances and revitalize agriculture, industry and investment sectors.

Financial and economic expert, Dr. appearance of Mohammed Saleh, confirmed that "the new government strategy aims to carry out a thorough and radical reform to address the imbalance in the structure of the state and specifically economic aspects", indicating that it was "complete effective steps began months ago to cope with the decline in oil prices."

He added that "the executive branch proceeded to take measures to support the private sector and moving the economy and reforms included to facilitate the entry of oil companies by reducing the obstacles and bureaucracy and make it less complicated."

Government consultant, revealed the "morning" yesterday "went to the expansion of the financial revenues of the country through the activation of agriculture, industry and investment sectors of the form in which we can cope with the financial crisis in light of processors that are placed with the continuation of oil exports flow significantly from Iraqi ports and via pipelines" .

He also noted that "those measures has parallel announcement of other decisions issued by the government regarding the rehabilitation of state-owned enterprises and to support the agricultural initiative," revealing "a government movement to engage the international community to support Iraq in its war against terrorism."

Saleh promised, the expected international support "an important step that reflects the extent of Iraq's interaction with countries of the region and the world, and his support in the war being waged against gangs (Daash terror)."

For his part, the economic expert on behalf of Antoine stressed in an interview for the "morning" yesterday, the importance of expanding and diversifying imports Iraq financial, and develop a strategy for the management of the country's wealth is oil.

Antoine said: "Iraq's dependence on oil revenues is one of the most prominent economic gaps that should be addressed by diversifying the sources of income," adding that "the promotion of the economy is not easy and requires the promotion of the private sector and giving loans away from corruption."

He also called for taking effective steps in the field of industry, agriculture and services, the private sector takes a bigger role, because it is the largest owner of liquidity.

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