Conflicts of interests of countries, "OPEC" assigned 50 percent of the value of a barrel

2912 2015
The year 2015 is an important point in the path of oil-producing countries, where I knew a major collapse of prices, what producing countries liver Petroleum huge losses, and it considered specialists Year "black" to Algeria, where the price of a barrel has nearly 70 percent of its value.

A recent report from the US central bank, the nine oil and gas companies went bankrupt in the United States during the last quarter of 2015, leaving behind debts of more than two billion dollars.

She said Baker Hughes oil services company, last Thursday, said that drilling firms stopped work for three platforms in the week, which ends on 23 December, dropping the total number of rigs to 538. It is what he sees as some analysts partially successful for OPEC.

The oil and economic analyst, Ahmed Hassan Karam yesterday, said that what we see from the increasing bankruptcy of those US companies is normal in light of oil prices tumbled to their lowest levels in 11 years.

Recorded in oil prices, last Friday, the fifth consecutive rise since Brent reached 37.89 dollars a barrel, US crude rose to $ 38.10 a barrel.

He noted that OPEC was put high volume of bankruptcy and stopped platforms into account, and therefore not to cut production due to power after a long and control oil prices again.

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting raw Countries (OPEC), at its last meeting, early December, install their rate of production, adding to the negative pressure on oil prices.

And it achieved "OPEC" some policy goals, where the oil industry has seen in the United States to cancel a lot of drilling and exploration drilling equipment and pull Weekly projects.

Analysts believe that the demand for oil may find some support, if the US economy continues to recover, and if the Chinese economy has stabilized, thanks to a series of government actions, to reduce the economic downtrend.

Of the biggest beneficiaries of falling prices, emerging countries, especially India and China, because of the dependence on imported energy, in addition to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development countries.
And endured countries and manufacturers, which rely on income from the pump about 35 billion barrels per year in domestic and international markets, losses of nearly $ 1.4 trillion over the "black year", including the "OPEC", which provides about a third of global production, which stood at the borders of 97 countries million barrels per day on average during the year.
Losses were not limited to states and manufacturers, with an estimated site "Investors", which monitors investment movements around the world, especially in the United States, that investors in the shares of energy companies suffered losses of nearly $ 700 billion, bringing the estimated losses to about 2 and $ 1 trillion within a year One.
Site said that energy stocks measured by "S & P 500" index dropped 10% this month alone, especially after the "OPEC" the last meeting that kept the levels of production itself has not taken any measures to stop violations of quotas.
One of the biggest losers Organization "OPEC" countries that the price of oil fell by 50% since its failure to reduce production meeting in Vienna in November 2014; in anticipation of the loss of market shares for the benefit of producers from outside.
Analysts of the oil markets, prices are not expected to recover in the foreseeable future or before 2017, but what is not in the account may occur if the situation in the Middle East has deteriorated.
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