Scenario for the transfer of Kurdish Gulf Summit to Erbil
05/03/2012 7:37

BAGHDAD / special
Gulf intelligence sources said that there is almost an agreement between the parties to the Kurdish parties with high-country and Saudi Arabia and Gulf Arab summit to move from Baghdad to Arbil under a plan called "Save the summit."
The sources indicated that the GCC Qatar and Saudi Arabia are two of this scenario lead the coordination with the Kurdish leaders confirmed that the plan includes the establishment of a state of unrest, security, accompanied by a violent wave of bombings suggest that the Baghdad security are not eligible to host the summit.
The sources said the blasts will be carried out the hands of terrorist elements supported by the Gulf states, equipment and money coincides with the mobility of a Gulf diplomat capacitor presents three options is to move the summit to Erbil, Kuwait or postponed and therefore, the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki will be forced to succumb to the lesser of the options is to move the summit to Arbil, because it Baghdad is better for other options.!
Sources showed that the Gulf States to Athtml not psychologically or politically to head Iraq summit to a number of reasons stand in the forefront of the Working Group followed by sectarian political support of Iraq to the Assad regime, which seeks the Gulf states hard and make every Mapbusaha veto it.