Economy: border outside Government control
December 29, 2015


Member of the Committee revealed the economy and investment representative najeeba Najib Tuesday, politicians, influential people in control of border crossings, and that the application of the customs tariff law needed to take strong measures to control market prices.

Najib said, "there is coordination and communication between Baghdad and Erbil to convene a meeting of the customs tariffs Act application of this law would be of great interest to the parties."

She said that "the meeting would be to order and not something else his be or become poor due to the fact that the law in force and binding and enforceable, although there are considerable difficulties in the application of the customs tariff.

She noted that Iraq not dominant on the border where they do not all fall under the control of the Federal Government. "

She stressed that "there are influential people politicians control the border," adding that "law enforcement needs to take strong measures to control his be or become poor market prices due to the absence of control over market prices will burden the Iraqi citizen."

"The new tariffs to be levied on imported materials to Iraq will add these fees to the citizen by making prices high within the markets."

And called on the Government to "put those ports under their control in order to apply customs tariffs and achieving the objectives of law enforcement".