Abadi: 2016 will be the year victories


The prime minister Haider al-Abadi, on Monday, that 2016 will be the year the final victory over the organization Daash and end its presence on the land of Iraq, while noting that the next battle will be in the city of Mosul.
Ebadi said in a televised speech, "I congratulate you, the Iraqi people struggling edit and restore gray and causing severe defeat other Bdaash and their tails and allied with them."
The Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces that "your sons Iraqi fighters brave statement they wrote with their blood Omaqgua Daash victory and defeat after the other and will never stop until they achieve full liberalization goals every town and village and stubble."
The prime minister "without concern for the safety of families besieged in gray completed the editing before this date and this date a long time, but Daash gangs terrorist criminal booby-trapped schools, mosques, hospitals, streets and everything to impede the arrival of those who care about the brave and still failed and defeated the evil of defeat after the killing of hundreds of its members criminals terrorists. "
He continued Abadi "We are coming to liberate Mosul, to be a strike excruciating and final Daash, the unity and resolve of this great nation and demolished by his sons brave If the 2015 general editor will be 2016 by the will of God in ultimate victory and year end the presence Daash on the land of Iraq, the land of Mesopotamia, and in grand final defeat to Daash ".
He concluded with "a tribute to the heroes in all Alsnov squad of army, police and security services and a counter-terrorism and gold band, volunteers and those who care about the sons of the tribes."