After al-Baghdadi's speech .. Is what state still expand?

Twilight News / raised the word leader of al Daash Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi wide reactions following the posting on the media organization platforms and its activists on social networking sites, and did not err ears followers effect actually operational on the ground in the folds of al-Baghdadi, the words of which they considered -epeshkl Aam- reflect the military decline of the regulation on battlefield.
And reflected on the interactions networking sites marked decline to the pace of the support enjoyed by the organization it was in its infancy, with different reactions that came to support the organization when he received his battles against the Maliki government began to tackle on protests in Sunni provinces.
The Mgrdon on marking # Khtab_albgdada that the organization behavior in Syria, in addition to its operations in the Gulf and the West gradually led to a reduction of the ceiling look that used to be seen through it.
Field retreat on the ground and the loss of regulation of its positions in Sinjar and the city of Ramadi, in addition to other sites important was his impact regularly employed -ovq Mgrdan- in al-Baghdadi's speech when he said in his words to his followers on the need for "patience with the surgeon" with repeated "stability" words steadily in the course of the speech, which promised Mgrdon a clear indication that the language of "absolute confidence" in his speeches and letters of his spokesman Dad Mohammed Previous Aladnana began disappearing to be replaced by the words of fortitude and patience.
In another context preoccupied Arab reactions on Twitter to comment on the Palestine notch in al-Baghdadi's speech, where he sought to deny accusations of organized abandon Palestine and the adoption of the face of opponents of Islamists strategy.
He said al-Baghdadi, the state regulation has not forgotten Palestine did not give up her -ovq he said would have threatened the imminent moment he will enter his soldiers Palestine, but Mgrdan considered this speech an attempt "to Tlhv" the Palestinian cause to fill the popular organization in Arab circles palaces, also attacked announce the formation of Islamic military alliance, regarding it as "a war against Muslims."
As Mgrdon considered that the last-Baghdadi's speech implicitly reflects a retreat from the famous "motto remains and expands," stressing that the "defeat" which is reflected in the words of al-Baghdadi's speech indicates that it "barely surviving" no longer stretch as reported Mgrdon on the label.