Parliamentary Finance: only 25% of border crossings revenues go to the state treasury

BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed that only 25% of border crossings revenues go to the public treasury of the state and obsessed corruption, the bulk of them. A member of the committee MP Masood Haider told the Iraqi National Agency for Attenba / Nina / that " A few money from border crossings revenues go to the state treasury because of corruption and commissions occupy the largest percentage of those revenues. "He added that" information held by the parliamentary Committee emphasizes that only 25% of those revenues up to the state treasury, and about 75% of customs revenues seizes them are corrupt. "He believed that" there is a problem in the application of the single customs tariff, passed by the Parliament to the presence of a lot of border points and some are outside government control law ", adding that" obtaining money in customs and border crossings mechanism marred by a lot of operations corruption. "He added that" border crossings and ports in some provinces, although not to take advantage of them, they are suffering a shortage of services as well. "He said the" money that is aggregated from the border crossing points are sent to the Finance Ministry in the capital, Baghdad, and that the majority of the provinces do not benefit from any amount, despite persistent claims by local councils. "" The parliament voted in the general budget in 2016 to allocate 50% of border crossings revenues to the provinces where they are located, to enable local governments from which to develop the reality of those provinces and rehabilitation of border crossing points where ". 253d