Council Anbar reveals the share of the province's budget in 2016

Council Anbar province on Monday revealed, for the share of the province of the federal budget for fiscal 2016, stressing that the Anbar budget amounted to about 80 billion dinars. A spokesman for the festival Ammash Council in an interview with the program "of 10 of 11," which aired "Alsumaria TV", that "the government has allocated to the province of Anbar, the amount of more than 80 billion dinars in the federal budget of the country in 2016". He Ammash, that "the province's budget in 2015 was of 163 billion dinars, and all of which were intended to support the displaced people and military operations", adding that "the province has not received that money from only 25% of them." And the voice of the House of Representatives, on Wednesday (December 16, 2015) by a vote of those present on the draft budget law for fiscal 2016 valued at more than 105 trillion dinars, and a deficit of more than 24 trillion dinars.