Detective secret .. long hair in the bald head of the Iraqi Security

12/28/2015 7:22
Today Iraq / Baghdad
Confidential informant, a topic of long hair Hjon in Iraqi security bald head, a result of the frequent use of shampoo favorite "anti-terrorism". Parliamentary Commission on Security and Defense of Liberal - Member of Majid al-Gharawi, announced a formal and, frankly, on Sunday: "
The intention of the government and the judiciary, a review of detainees files, because of the "confidential informant", recognized by: "the existence of reports of" malicious "in some cases", and how to deal with Kidiat confidential informant for collecting Psonarh judicial review, increased Ghraoui in his statement, which was to our newspaper, a copy him: "It's in the event of proven arrest people, to the presence of information by the confidential informant, and it turned out later, that information is malicious, it must pursue them legally, and institute proceedings right Profile by the families of the detainees", and bad role played by the confidential informant in general, said Ghraoui that The Iraqi government had to pay to be issued earlier, "the decision to cancel the confidential informant, because of its role in pushing the innocent people in prisons and detention centers, especially in the presence of the American occupation" forces, and the bad relationship between justice and secret Detective time, MP Alohrrari hit this parable: "The death sentences and cases in the Supreme Judicial which include the presence of detective series, is audited Center" Council, and remind the reader, that the Minister of Justice - Haider Zamili, had announced during a special interview with an Iraqi satellite, I followed our newspaper, on Thursday-24 this month: "More than 500 confidential informant and bring them to trial detention, after being charged with" malicious prosecution "to their cases," he claimed the minister: "the absence of his ministry prisons of any violations of human rights," adding later, near the open "prisoners of the occupation," You .