Baghdad Municipality completed 20% of the manufacturing work stations and you remove the excesses .. began stalls and sheep Tosttha

12/28/2015 7:13
Today Iraq / Baghdad
Achieved the secretariat of Baghdad, 20% of the establishment of five manufacturing plants, to assemble and CBS waste in the capital Baghdad inform the secretariat of the work, he said according to a statement, arrived to the newspaper: "The solid and environmental waste department, in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, Advisory Office at the University of Mesopotamia,
Completion percentage achieved 20% of the establishment of five manufacturing plants in the Karkh and Rusafa work, to assemble and CBS waste ", and the expansion of the statement in detail, where we read:" The two of these stations in the area (crumb and thirst), to serve the municipalities of Adhamiya and Sadr II, and one in Obeidi area, service areas, within the new Baghdad municipality, and one in Aeltagyat area to serve areas within the geographical area of ​​the municipality of Kadhimiya, the last station in the Dora district, to serve the municipality Karkh center areas ", and the characteristics of these stations:" The one-stop operating design capacity (500) tons per day on according to a closed system, to deal with the waste, meets the conditions and Almaiiralaalmih health and the environment, equipped with a mechanism to address the leachate from the waste, and do not affect the drainage systems and (7) specialized mechanisms for the transfer of waste to the landfill, "and Maogda The statement worthy of reference to him: "The establishment of these five stations, complements stations nine list, and so all four of ten cutters municipalities be, has covered the manufacturing stations" .mazid Secretariat too, was "carried out, and in cooperation with the Baghdad Operations Command, a campaign to remove abuses taking place on the streets, sidewalks and public squares beside me Baghdad ", and the details of, read:" The municipality Mrkzalkrkh Department carried out a campaign to remove the excesses, included a number of stalls and Almsagvat, within stores (224, 208 and 213) and the removal of street vendors, and sites for the sale of fruit and vegetables in areas carts Allawi and al-Harthiya and Rahmaniyah and validity ", and other campaigns:" The mayor of Kadhimiya Department has campaigned to remove a number of abuses of stalls, and sites Car Wash and remove (4) the role in the initial stages of construction, within localities (407 and 423), and the demolition of a number of fences in the camp (401), and the removal of a number of grills and shops under construction in the camp (411) and (7) kiosks in the camp, (421) ", and it took him mayor of Adhamiya circle" has removed 10 stalls, beating on the sidewalks, in the localities ( 301 and 304), and a number of street vendors carts, and the closure (3) garages for parking in Morocco Street, and the removal of vehicles to sell fruits and vegetables, within the camp (304), "and also:" The Angels first-Sadr municipal districts, carried out a campaign to remove the abuses taking place on sidewalks and streets, included the removal of a number of sites selling sheep in Al Falah Street, and (30) billboard and 15 kiosks in the neighborhood of the Secretariat. "