Maliki resort to the judiciary to blackmail Sheikh agent in the amount of five billion Iraqi dinars

2015-12-28 06:21:08 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Said Sheikh Jamal agent Secretary-General of the Islamic Accord after Asked by a reporter Wefaq Islamic newspaper about the lawsuit filed by former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and started asking him to five billion dinars in compensation for the insult to his reputation during the interview with Al Baghdadi in the program Studio ninth on 30 \ 8 \ 2015, according to a statement of claim:
Sheikh Agent: the fact that this work many connotations, and those were not the first interview, which not expose them to approach and behavior and the actions of al-Maliki, which are well known to all Labib and followers.

He said the secretary general of the Islamic National Accord Movement: I am aware that al-Maliki was before this trying to evaluate a lawsuit against me to Catch or Jail and that when he was at the head of the government, but he saw that it was not in his interest and the benefit of that spotlight will shine on the agent more and more, and that al-Maliki knows exactly mainstream and the great line that I belong to him, and also knows that he will not be able to meet this inherent line.

On the other hand, Sheikh Jamal agent said that the work done by al-Maliki, a clear indication of his bankruptcy and failing to return political project, and so began heals my wounds and begging some positions here and there, perhaps get some gains, in particular, and it was not only money stolen and stolen and disappeared in the past eight years, and an estimated three hundred billion dollars.

Also demonstrates that work on the level of degradation of al-Maliki and is asking me to five billion dinars in compensation for the insult to his reputation, and I ask all honorable Iraqis the following question: Is that comes Baathists and handing them over Iraqi army command then these leaders to hand over a third of the area of ​​Iraq to Daash, you He has a reputation and honor? And does he have the dignity? , If this man's reputation and dignity and honor what he has such a criminal act and kept silent about it.

The al-Maliki in this work demonstrates the extent Anahtath Almujdan in dealing with politicians in the Iraqi political arena, and al-Maliki is unfortunate that up to this point.
It seems that al-Maliki has been implicated in this case also dragged him before in more than one case, and it is regrettable to say that al-Maliki did not use the mind, and did not rely on the experts and advisers in the management of state affairs, and only what al-Maliki arrived begging for sympathy from officials stage in the Islamic Republic of Iran in order to Almawa his face and back onto the political process again, and had happened when I was invited to a conference in Tehran and given his speech at the opening session, but that did not satisfy him, especially after the word that I gave at the closing session, which explained the truth of what happened in Iraq, and stressed that the supreme religious authority, and we are proud of always been the decision maker in preventing al-Maliki that up to a third term, and is thwarted by some officials in Iran's plan in that Almawa the face of al-Maliki and back onto life Political again, and I ask Maliki: What do you want to do?

I think that the judiciary began to wake up these days, and is a major test, and required of him
To prove his courage in making decisions true, and should not be supportive of the criminals the likes of al-Maliki, and the Liberation of Iraq, and harbors, and blackmailing citizens for the interests of these corrupt.

Again I say: that the Iraqi judiciary to the big test new phase and we hope that God willing, the judiciary succeed at this stage that the al-Maliki did not disappoint in blackmail national figures.
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Wefaq Islamic Movement