Leather industry critical of the defense minister and demanded to prevent the import of military equipment

Criticized the General Company for Leather Industries of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, on Sunday, the press releases to the defense minister Khaled al-Obeidi on military equipment that has been delivered to the Ministry of Defence. The Council of Ministers called for the support of the national industry and prevent the import of military equipment "capable of industry", called on state institutions and citizens to stand with them in support of the national product and the reduction of hard currency to leak out of the country.

The General Company for Leather Industries director Ahmed al-Kaabi, in a statement delivered at a press conference held at company headquarters district of Karrada, in central Baghdad, and attended (range Press), "The General Company for Leather Industries Management, would like to show in the light of what came in the press conference Special military with equipment to the defense minister and who we wish we were in it from the minister in his capacity as a member of the Council of Ministers in support of national industry and the national product and the state factories and workers by encouraging ".
Al-Kaabi said that "the cooperation that our company demonstrated with all the specialized and affiliated to the Ministry of Defense committees, including the same committee that came up with the defense minister at the press conference that it underlined the possibility of our company to meet the needs of the Ministry of Defense in order to provide advanced high technical and efficient production lines," and urged the Council of Ministers to "national industry support and encourage competent State military products processing factories, which stopped working since 2003 and prevent the import of military equipment that can manufacture."
Al-Kaabi said that "equipment that was handed over to the Department of Defense during the 2013 and 2014 were in compliance with the specifications, according to the examination and acceptance of the results issued by the ministry said," and wondered "why raised this issue at this particular time and we did not we contract with the Department of Defense since 2008?"
He called al-Kaabi state institutions and citizens to "stand with the company in their legitimate demands to support the national product to support the state budget and the reduction of hard currency to leak out of the country."
He pointed Kaabi, that "the approved materials by the Ministry of Defense, is the only Chinese and gave them their model itself did not give them a lesser degree and told the Commission that we can make any model requested by the defense, but to circumvent us in this way," stressing the need for "the formation of joint committees to follow up the signing of contracts and production lines and production process. "
The Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Darraji denied, the Thursday (24 December 2015), the Ministry of Defense processing of Chinese products, and as he emphasized possess documents to prove it, accused the states and traders and politicians of trying to block the national industry.
The Ministry of Industry and Minerals announced that, on Monday, the (7 December 2015), the possibility of ministries materials that you need, according to the specifications required by the processing, and denied its output shields the security ministries pierced by gunfire, and while confirming that Iraq is the only country that you enter goods without interest specifications, stressed the need to boycott imported products.
A source in the Council of Ministers, reported on Tuesday the (10 November 2015), that an altercation occurred between the Ministers of Industry Mohammad al-Darraji and Defense Khalid al-Obeidi, on the back of the Ministry of Defence refused to buy leather products produced by the Ministry of Industry.