.. And critical budget crisis

12/28/2015 0:00

Mohammed Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi
Over the past years was to pass the budget through the House of Representatives is going through rough time to the point where it in 2014 not seeing the light and remained wrapped itself in the House of Representatives to include the result of lack of consensus on its provisions passed that year and the country without a budget .. In those years people were in various walks of life waiting approving the budget law also await holiday of Ramadan, which gives them the gospel of the breakfast after fasting harsh crescent .. It is awaited project because the budget comes with it, which is good bumper new investment projects on the investment side occupies about 40 percent of the budget and with an area of ​​this size, but we always say we were The investment in the country is suffering from hardship Customization ..

As well as the allocation of a lot of grades that may be up to 200 000 degrees, causing the creation of a state of slack awful in career body of government and other expenditure sections relaxed Almstrih, resulted in the formation of a layer of wealthy about undescribable and the accompanying corruption and weak oversight disease and the absence of the final accounts and a lack of clarity with respect to the financial situation of the Kurdistan region Add to this conflict raging always in the corridors of local government between the conservative on the one hand and the provincial council on the other hand this conflict caused by low implementation of projects ratios within regional development allocations or investment program, with these percentages did not reach In the best cases to 60 percent of the size of the allocations in the rotation the rest of the allocations to the following year .. It is important that trade and market movement and even the economic wheel around in all it was an effective Belhaz a lot of indicators, including the movement of selling real estate and auto market, gold and auction daily currency the central bank .. All of these indicators are today suffering from depression is evident in its economic development.

Budget 2016 and contrary to all expectations that were talking about the great difficulties facing the project, but the House of Representatives was able to approve the first time in the middle of the last month of the year preceding the budget year and indicates this thing is that the House of Representatives was able to triumph over himself and his differences and approved the budget, which ZF news approval boss Salim al-Iraqi, congratulating this great done for the Council .. But it is clear that the adoption of the budget and a congratulatory Jubouri not find a positive echo among the people but on the contrary, there is resentment clear in the street, especially among among staff .. While awaiting the employee in other countries and with the beginning Every year an increase in salary, the budget for the staff of Iraq has carried an item eliminates deduct 3 percent of their salary in addition to previous cuts in the absence of any indication stating a decline in market prices for different Services ..

The investment side of the budget, it will not heal the wound with the presence of more than 6 thousand continuous investment project is required from the government to sustain it represents the importance of the citizen and the economy ..

Approving the budget was accompanied by a wave of anger by the parliamentary parties resulting from passing the Kurdistan region's share of $ (17 percent) without being affected by the situation of extreme austerity experienced by the country in light of talk about the lack of commitment by the provincial government's oil commitments What irritated several quarters to the extent that some Parliamentarians strongly protested threatened not to sit in the parliament unless reconsider calculates the share of the region according to the difficult conditions faced by the country and what ails the budget itself from a large deficit of up to 22 percent ..

Image of the budget suggest that we are about the very critical stage tighten their belts over the bellies and which will be re-calculation of all the details of our priorities to overcome this ordeal Lean.