Iraq unveils round of talks with the National Alliance in Diyala to name its chief

Sunday, March 04 / March 2012 11:35

Twilight News / revealed the Iraqi List, Sunday, for Tbagesha with the National Alliance to name the new governor of Diyala, stressing that the crisis witnessed by the province over the last term began breakthrough.

The MP said the Iraqi List, Mohamed Osman in an interview with "Twilight News" list "is in talks with the National Alliance for three days in order to nominate a new governor of Diyala."

He described Othman, a deputy for the province of Diyala, the talks as "fruitful and positive," and it "will lead to a breakthrough in the current crisis taking place in the province," noting that "so far has not resolved the selection of candidates for the post of governor."

The governor of Diyala Abdel Nasser, James Baldwin, last Monday, his resignation on the back of the Federal Government did not respond to the claims in the Accounting security chiefs in the province, and Baghdad's refusal to request the formation region in the province.

It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki gave the governor of Diyala Abdel Nasser James Baldwin, in February last, three days to return to his practice, stressing that Siklh from his post in the absence of commitment to the time limit. J p / m P