Iraq to Announce Anbar Province Release From Daesh Militants in Two Days

23:40 27.12.2015

The Iraqi government will announce the full liberation of the northwestern Iraqi province of Anbar from the Daesh jihadist group in the coming two days, Lt. Gen. Abdul-Ghani Asadi told Sputnik.

BAGHDAD (Sputnik) Earlier in the day, CNN reported that the Iraqi military had managed to retake control over a government compound in the central Iraqi city of Ramadi, previously used by Daesh.

"The forces of anti-terrorist units are working day and night on the disposal of improvised explosive devices and car bombs left by ISIL militants in central Ramadi, who have escaped in the direction of Al-Khaldiya," Asadi said on Sunday.

He added that the Iraqi army has began a major operation to surround the governmental buildings and clear mines before the storming of the buildings.

On Tuesday, the Iraqi armed forces began an operation to liberate the center of Ramadi from Daesh extremists, who have occupied the city since May. According to Iraqi intelligence, around 250 to 300 radical Islamist militants had been holding central districts of the city.