This gets in the state of watermelon .. the government is not responsible those who use the formal qualities after the cancellation of office


BAGHDAD / new evidence
Saad al-Hadithi spokesman said the prime minister Haider al-Abadi yesterday's office said in a statement is closer to the humor of it to the news the True, and the strangeness in the news really it reminds of what was happening in the state of watermelon old days of tales and jokes and other things that go on to talk about .. Sabri says the government which is headed by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is not responsible those who use the formal qualities after the cancellation of their office and confirmed newborn that this matter is settled legally. As a government, both were canceled his post or be excused from the position it has official government capacity, meaning that the government characterization accorded to him was based on the assigned position. If canceled position or is exempt from it may legally carry the official description, which he had with him previously and added that people who hold titles or Government characterization longer work incorrectly and contrary to the law, but Abadi Office drowned in generalities did not name a spade a spade and was incumbent upon to put points on the letters we are not in the field of Alajoaniat therefore say that Ebadi's office was not successful in the marketing of this fact and has to re-corrected according to the words of the popular poet:
Mo-eyed with one eye, the whole eye cream
And Abu Ganab whole has to Apmhitak
Everyone remembers that the pleasantries and we wasted a lot of things must be getting closer to the institutional building of the state before it's too late.