Abadi receives delegation Korean company Hanwha implementing residential project Basmajh

2712 2015
Roudao - Erbil

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi received, on Sunday, the Korean delegation Hanoi company implementing the project Basmajh residential, southeast of Baghdad.

A statement by the Office Abadi, seen by Roudao network media, that "al-Abadi stressed during the meeting the need to develop ways of marketing the housing units and the creation of the company to ensure a successful administration to serve the housing units and the provision of requirements of maintenance and follow-up work to secure financial benefits for the company, expressed his appreciation for the level of achievement earned The company's commitment to the project and its implementation. "

The delegation made a presentation on the level of achievement earned on the land for the project, and clarification of the project cost and benefits of the current achievement.

The delegation, that "the first batch of three thousand housing units guestrooms best standards fully completed", adding that "its infrastructure in order to ensure the completion of the provision of services and housing to citizens registered on those units."

The project Basmajh housing is largest and the largest strategic and residential projects in Iraq and the Middle East to the fact that the project includes a 100,000 housing units it is hoped to accommodate about 600,000 people since the project has high technologies in construction, where the project area of ​​approximately 0.18300000 m 2 and is approximately 10 km south east of Baghdad.