Abdul-Mahdi: Chinese companies contribute half of the Iraqi oil production

December 27, 2015 9:18

Between Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi that Chinese companies today contribute about half of the Iraqi oil production, adding that this was able to become the first partner of Iraq oil.

Said Abdul-Mahdi, in a speech published his Saturday "I visited China in 1978, in the framework of organizing international support for the Iraqi people to get rid of tyranny, injustice and backwardness .. and I visited for the second time a few days ago, accompanied by the Prime Minister to strengthen relations between the two countries .. During the 37 years that have passed One can not but admire this persistent, orderly people, creative how he was able to move from the reality of underdeveloped poor, the low living standards to the reality of modern and advanced since the start of reform movement in 1978 ".
He added that "where the gross national product rose to 10.356 trillion dollars in 2014 after the United States that have achieved the same year 17.416 trillion dollars. China relies on internal development and investment policies and export abroad. Rising per capita income from $ 195.6 in 1981 to $ 7590 a year in 2014, 10.5% {2001-2010} annual growth rate .. to the people of a population of 1.4 billion people {20% of the world's population of nearly 7.35 billion}. China is the world's second largest economy and advancing rapidly to be the first. "
And "perhaps philosophy teacher" Confucius ", as they call it .. It is a realistic mind and Mtdber and farsighted support of virtue and sincerity, altruism and order, which coexist with different eras and regulations, ideas and religions, which Ruba generations of Chinese giving them the traditions of work and patience, discipline and wisdom .. It is perhaps also the courage Chinese and their modesty and permanent willingness to learn from others and to the transfer of successful experiences and benefit from them .. rates vanity and bravado Here are a few .. and look to the future and strive to achieve the ambitious goals to address the past and deviations errors and to achieve a better reality is the curriculum. "
He said Abdul-Mahdi, that "this was able to China's transition from a closed country to a country open without losing its identity, traditions and pride and unity .. It is a communist system to a market economy, but under the red hat of the Communist Party, which today includes about 80 million members .. It is an agricultural country to industrialized country without losing its food security, which is still 60% of Chinese people living in villages and rural areas. "
He pointed out that "the achievements of China is a great and large .. but the achievements of the enormous sacrifices both in its internal conflicts through history, or the deterrent, colonialism, or to maintain its unity despite the presence of 56 ethnic groups recognized {7 of them Muslim} and 292 living language and 22 provinces .. 5 areas autonomous semi-independent .. and 2 special area departments govern themselves, namely Hong Kong and Macao, except for Taiwan and projects annexed to China motherland .. The China area amounting to 9.6 million km 2 second area of ​​the country in the world and the third or fourth country spaces controlled. "
He continued, "We hope that this will be to raise the level of relations between Iraq and China to the level of strategic partnership and a major step process will help Shall served as Asahih- to help Iraq for the advancement of turn as do most of the Asian countries and peoples."
And he gave Abdul-Mahdi, an example that "Chinese companies are able -bhdu- to become the first partner of Iraq oil, because today contribute about half of the Iraqi oil production, after it was quite far from the industry 7 years ago .. The Middle rise again, which has been corrected and corrects his relations with the West .. As an example, the United States and Europe's share of the commodity exports 63.2% in 1948, fell to 49.5 in 2013, while advanced Asia and the Middle East from 16% {1948} to 38.5% in 2013, of the total global exports worth $ 18.3 trillion dollars {2013} According to the World Trade Organization, with all that means of technological development and scientific and cultural, political and security .. The sun appears from the east .. and Iraq east of the country .. The point correlation important communication between the East and the West, particularly to the embassy and its ambassador and thanked the distinguished effort that went during the the visit.