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2712 2015
Expectations halt further service projects in 2016 for "lack of allocations"

Baghdad Provincial Council, warned on Saturday of the stops more service projects (ongoing) in the capital, and expected to repeat the budget 2015 scenario, with next year not receiving 10% of the allocations approved him only, while pointing out that it shares in leaving most of the contractors for their actions under the pretext of not receiving financial dues owed by the local government.

He says the provincial council decision Farhan Qasim said in an interview with "New Morning", "The current year budget and put us allocations amounted to 720 billion dinars."

Farhan added that "the local government's share was estimated at 500 billion dinars, and the remainder of up to 200 billion dinars allocated to the secretariat of Baghdad."

And expresses its regret that "the province has not received its share of only 100 billion dinars," noting that "contributed to create a crisis in the implementation of projects."

In return, the denominator is estimated that "70% of the ongoing projects is Off because we do not receive our share of the current year's budget."

He stressed that "most of the contractors stopped work for not giving them financial ancestor voted on by the provincial council who has completed 80% of his works."

He predicted the decision of the provincial council that "next year will be even worse on Baghdad with the continuing financial crisis and the fall in world oil prices."

Since the current year allocations according to Qasim did not stop 800 to sustain an ongoing project, it does not see "an area allows the development of new projects in the future."

He pointed out that "these projects pertaining to housing, water and sewage, the establishment of schools, and I gather belonging to the simple Iraqi citizen."

He concluded by saying that "the next Provincial Council has not yet received an official letter from the relevant authorities regarding the budget for the year and we are waiting to know the amount of the financial allocations."

In contrast, said council member Saad logistical that "preliminary information that the budget for the 2016 local government in Baghdad does not clog only 40% of the need."

And logistical fear in a statement to the "New Morning", from "non-receipt of these amounts and I said it, as happened in the current year."

He explained, "in the 2015 budget amounts allocated us very little and we were waiting received but what we got is only a fraction of them."

Logistical and stressed that "the local government owe a very large debt Contractors direction is not enough to repay the allocations for next year a whole," pointing out that "the federal government did not give us any financial support throughout the past period, despite the urgent need to sustain the projects."

Local administrator and was to be "conservative projects belong to the outskirts of Baghdad, according to the law, but they are the center of the validity of the secretariat of Baghdad."

In turn, the Chairman of the Services Council in Baghdad, Ali Ahmed Faraj speaks to the "New Morning", for explicit book received the local government needed not to develop new projects.

Faraj said that "the proportion of what we received last year does not exceed 10% of the allocations sustain ongoing projects."

It is likely chairman of the local services that "stop more of these projects in the next year for not giving sufficient funds by the Ministry of Finance."

He attributed the imbalance to "not having a real vision of the budget to the size of the funds in the state treasury situation," noting that "the law gives non-existent allocations on the ground."

The country was suffering from an economic crisis because of lower oil prices, the government has launched austerity plan which included many of the most important aspects and reduce the investment budget.

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