The new commander of the Kirkuk police begin their duties and confirms: Interior will be spent our associates' salaries

2015-12-27 23:32:30 | (Voice of Iraq) - Kirkuk

Revealed the new police chief of Kirkuk, Brigadier speech Omar Arif, on Sunday, from the beginning of his tenure, after meeting interior minister in Baghdad, noting that the ministry pledged regardless employees of the Directorate salaries and the development of security work to maintain, (250 km north of Baghdad), in coordination with the local government.

Aref said, in his first interview with the media organization, singled out by the (long-Press), after receiving the province of Kirkuk, police headquarters, "The receipt of my duties was after a meeting with the Minister of Interior, specific Salem Ghabban, today, and discuss issues that contribute to the development of the Kirkuk police coordination and cooperation with the Department of the province and the council and the Supreme Security Committee as well as the ministry. "

He said Kirkuk police chief, that "Kirkuk police salaries will be spent, among other things were discussed for the development of security work and serve the people of the province," stressing that "the acceptance of the job came to Kirkuk and the service of its citizens."

The speech Brigadier Omar Aref, born in Kirkuk, and took over after 2003 prescriptive regiments Kirkuk police emergency, and was known to maintain good relations with the components, have been subjected to nine assassination attempts suicide bombings or bomb, and was seriously wounded.

The Ministry of Interior has appointed former Kirkuk police chief Major General Jamal Taher Bakr human rights, the post of Director-General of the ministry's movements, while quoted Deputy Kirkuk police chief Major General Turhan Abdul Rahman, to its headquarters.